Skipping Black Friday

The storefront window display at River Reader Bookstore in Lexington, MO, shows that they mean business this Saturday.
The storefront window display at River Reader Bookstore in Lexington, MO, shows that they mean business this Saturday.

I’ve never really jumped onto the Black Friday bandwagon. I’m not really a morning person, and I’m usually still experiencing the “turkey coma” after a full day of feasting on Thanksgiving. I’m usually more of a last-minute, oh-my-goodness-tomorrow-is-Christmas kind of a shopper, and certainly not in any hurry to beat crowds let alone be trampled by other shoppers eager to snatch that “gotta have it” gift. Overall, Black Friday has nothing I’m interested in. It’s just not my cup of tea.

However, there is another shopping day directly following it that I can wholeheartedly say that I won’t miss. Small Business Saturday.

Why do I support this, and not the other?

  • Our downtowns thrive off of small businesses. They are at the hearts of our communities, and by supporting these businesses you are giving back to your community by keeping your tax dollars LOCAL.
  • Small businesses and the products and services they provide bring CHARACTER to Main Street. As shop owners set up shop and pursue their American Dream, they bring their personalities, passions, and values into their businesses in ways that Big Box stores cannot. They are as unique as their products.
  • They usually have a goal or a story to express what their store is all about, and are generally approachable enough and CONNECTED with the community to share it with you.

Small Business Saturday was established in 2010, and has been gaining steam over the last several years. Just last year it helped bring 70 million shoppers to Main Street, generating about $5.5 billion going straight into their local economies, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration’s estimates. That’s certainly nothing to scoff at. Here’s to hoping that this year can be even more successful than the last.

For more information and to find participating businesses, visit the event’s website here. You can also get connected and follow the movement on Facebook and Twitter @ShopSmall, then tweet your amazing finds #ShopSmall.

Why do you love small businesses? Leave us your reasons in the comments.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Liana Twente

Past to Present Research, LLC


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