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Preservation in Nature

Preservation in NatureWhen you see the words “historic preservation” you instantly picture…buildings. Residential homes, grand mansions, maybe a cobblestoned brick lined downtown or an iconic train depot sitting just above the tracks. Maybe our previous blogs focusing on the not-so-obvious means of historic structure reuse bring to mind a 1950s gas station, a school, or a barn.

As we busy ourselves this spring season in anticipation of dusting off those garden tools in the garage, soon to reap the benefits of April showers and fill the yards with May flowers…even the soil, the very soil upon which everything stands is worthy of preservation.

Preservation in NatureFor over 83 years the NPS (National Parks Service) has been protecting and conserving American places for the preservation of our culture and history, our summer vacation enjoyment, and for our future generations. Of course we would prefer to see every structure in America reused and restored. Today, we have plenty of existing homes and buildings to house our citizens and businesses…however, we’re a growing population. We aren’t going to stop development altogether, and thanks to the NPS these places will continue to be kept to their original natural setting for generations to come. If you haven’t seen Ken Burns’ documentary on the history of the NPS – “The National Parks: America’s Best Idea” – I suggest adding this to your Netflix queue and setting some TV time aside for this awe inspiring film series.

Here in Missouri, our own Department of Conservation has been hard at work protecting wildlife and our natural resources for over 77 years. Their education efforts and landowner involvement has paid off to make the department a model for other conservation departments across the country. You can hear about their inspiring story with their 75th Anniversary Video.

Throughout the month of April, we will be highlighting the history of spring’s grandest gift….the great American growing season! From historical landscaping to Victory Gardens, and yes, even the American Farm.


Audrey L. Elder
Past to Present Research, LLC

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