Past to Present Research, LLC

Our mission is simple: to provide a comprehensive history of your home. We look into everything from census records to personal recollections to produce a book about your home, the people who lived within its walls, and the community that shaped it. For more about our services, visit our website.

Audrey Elder has had a passion for history and the written word since childhood. As a writer, she has published special interest articles in The Examiner, and currently serves as their real estate blogger. She is an aspiring novelist, working to put into print two historical novels. Elder has been a small business owner for 16 years and has worked as a Licensed Realtor in the State of Missouri for 8 years, currently specializing in historic-aged properties with Keller Williams.

Liana Twente has had her hands in many different facets of history. Her interests range from archaeology to archival work, and has even worked as a docent giving tours of an historic home. Twente holds a Bachelors degree in History from Northwest Missouri State University, where she studied Nineteenth Century
American History with a special focus on social history.

Both serve as commissioners for the Independence Heritage Commission and are the recipients of the 2012 H.Z. Hickman Award for Distinguished Service in Historic Preservation.


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